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emphasized by his ability: Long Range Specialist. GamesRadar (March 6, 2017). Battle Crates There will also be 90 new items added to Battle Crates, including new icons for John Kozak and Scott Mitchell. Enforcer, mK48 rifle damage increased slightly, mK48 rife recoil reduced slightly. At full charge, the next shot negates the effects of sway and bullet drop.

Stim Darts now heal bleeding effects from the Hollow Point perk. The forest offers many opportunities for flanking, while close quarters combat rages in the nearby base. Sharpshooter, sharpshooter is a new Marksman, capable of taking out threats without them ever know he was there. Fixed an issue where the Tier One Booster doesn't provide your teammates with 25 bonus XP Fixed a weapon issue with the M4 Super 90 missing a scope option Fixed a weapon issue with the MR Super 90 having misaligned sights Fixed a customization issue. Non-Year 2 Pass holders will have access to the new classes on December. Lithium Mine This map is set on a Lithium Mine on the Western edge of Koani in northern Bolivia.

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