kortingsbon rijksmuseum van oudheden

a building of the botanical gardens of the university. Leemans published this collection in 1840 and had published the Egyptian collection the year before. In 1839, Leemans, now appointed director, bought some 100 vases with funds from the king. The collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden began with an inheritance in 1743. 152 Further reading edit Halbertsma,. Along with his duties as a professor at the university came the care of the archaeological cabinet, then consisting mainly of the Papenbroek inheritance. It belonged to a retired Flemish colonel who had begun collecting during a stay in Athens.

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Een bijzonder boeiend museum met een indrukwekkende collectie objecten van klassieke oudheden.
Vooral de collectie Egyptische objecten vonden wij zeer de moeite waard.

This led to considering a much more drastic plan: moving the museum altogether to another city. My favorite place: Egypt and the mommies! See also edit References edit Oudheden, Rijksmuseum van. It was agreed that these would not be moved to Leiden until after his directorship. The collection continued growing however and the room granted to it was obviously insufficient. By far the most important deal of the expedition was the acquisition of the very large d'Anastasy Collection of Egyptian antiquities. Most important about this first expedition by Humbert was the acquisition of eight statues, which are still on display as centerpieces in the museum. Write a review, your review helps other people learn about great and less great museums. Eventually, Amsterdam became the prime candidate, being the capital of the Netherlands and Brussels having seceded from the kingdom along with the rest of Belgium. Reuvens was enthusiastic about the collection because it contained original Greek sculpture and Greek pottery, categories which lacked in the Leiden collection until then. Caspar Reuvens, the world's first archaeology professor. Na een uur of 2 struinen door het oude Egypte hebben we nog nog maar 1/3 gezien.

In 1821, the archaeological cabinet was moved to a new wing of the Museum of Natural History. You have to be logged in to use this feature. Despite this blatant disregard of the agreements, the expedition did produce some considerable results. From 1824 to 1826, Rottiers made a journey through the Mediterranean, paid for by the ministry. Leemans set to work in redecorating the mansion and moving the collection to the new building.

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